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Please contact us by email to, click on the little message icon on the bottom right of your browser for a live chat or call us at +49 6752 16998-0 to speak to one of our business managers.

If you would like to visit one of our factories in person:


Newmatik GmbH

Am Markt 1, 55619 Hennweiler, Germany Google Maps Link

Newmatik is located in Hennweiler, Rhineland-Palatinate. Just over an hour’s drive from Frankfurt, Newmatik lies in the geographic center of Europe.


SC ESO Electronic S.R.L

Str. Soimos 166 315402 Lipova, jud. Arad, Romania Google Maps Link

ESO Romania is located in Lipova, Romania, a town just outside of Arad, the regional capital. Less than an hour from the western Hungarian border and fewer than six hours from Vienna, our facilities are well-located between the Central and Eastern European markets. Our delivery truck travels each week between our factories in German and Romania, making deliveries to customers along the way.