ISO 9001 Certified and UL Listed PCB Assembly


When we say high-mix, low-volume, we mean it. We produce over 4000 different PCB assemblies per year, with quantities ranging from one piece to hundreds of thousands of pieces.

This sheer level of complexity presents a challenge for ensuring consistent production quality. Over the years, we’ve developed rigorous standards for project versioning and data storage to ensure that modifications are captured, documented, and implemented. We’re extremely strict because we have to be.

We are certified DIN ISO-9001:2015 and comply with European Union RoHS / WEEE / REACH standards for electronics manufacturing. Frequent customer and company audits attest to our uncompromising commitment to quality. Our romanian facility is UL listed for “Printed Wiring Assemblies” categories ZPVI2 and ZPVI8 with certificate numbers ZPVI2.E490533 / ZPVI2.E490533. We can also perform AOI tests, BGA inspection, X-ray analysis, high-voltage and function tests. Our digital factory, with our fully integrated ERP system, enables us to release product change notifications and special last-minute requests from the office to the shop floor with a click of the button. Our lines of communication are fast, open, and rigorously documented, ensuring that your product is produced exactly as it should be.